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"Come on Home to Quiet Harbor Estates"

Established in 1970, Quiet Harbor Estates is a second generation,  family owned and operated, PRIVATE ESTATES, 55 & BETTER Community. Our location in Creston, Iowa is beneficial because of its impact on who we are and how we do business. Honesty, integrity, reliability, and hard work are all vital elements of Midwest Life. These principles are reflected in our community, our residents, and our company.

Pride is a powerful influence at Quite Harbor Estates. It is quite simple, we are proud of our community.  Furthermore, the pride of home ownership blends well with the benifits of living in a professionally managed community setting.  This allows us to create an environment condusive to residents having an active part in an active and embracing care-free life.

Why Quiet Harbor Estates?

  • Beautiful 1 1/2 Acre Lake, Privately Stocked for your Recreation
  • Club Room
  • Storm Shelter
  • Community within a Community
  • Active Lifestyles
  • Monthly Dinners
  • No-worry Home Ownership
  • To-Home Mail Delivery
  • Boat and RV Storage
  • Limited Snow Removal
  • Lawn Mowing Service
  • Water & Sewer Included
  • Trash Removal

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Take a look around at Quiet Harbor Estates by viewing the pictures in our photo gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lot rent includes sewer, water, trash removal, lawn mowing in area accessible to riding mowers (weed trimming is to be done by resident), and snow removal in winter* to the nearest community exit. (*Snow accumulations of less than 2 inches will not generally be removed by property owner. Snow removal is done with safety as the primary concern, as time permits and when appropriate man-power is available.)

You may purchase a new or late-model home that is approved by Management and put it on a suitable lot in QHE, however it must be installed by a properly trained and licensed installer, according to all present State and Federal regulations. You must also have appropriate decks, carports or attached garages.

You may mow your own lawn and/or remove your own snow, however because both of these services are included in the lease agreements, we cannot give credit for doing these services on your own and still maintain fairness to the other residents of QHE.

There are currently no storage options for large personal items on the grounds of Quiet Harbor Estates at this time however, this may become an option in the future. Presently, there are local independent vendors who can provide these types of storage options near Quiet Harbor Estates.

We strive to only increase lot rent only when it is absolutely necessary and based on maintenance expenses or other justifiable factors. Generally, if lot rent is to be raised, it will be done so as to coincide with the annual lease renewal period on October 1st.

Of course, we would hate to see you leave, but if you decide you must, please contact the office and advise them of your decision to move. At this time, seek the Manager's assistance in determining the current, fair market value for your home (as it is situated in QHE versus in another location) and assistance with the selection of a qualified realtor.

Yes, there is a storm shelter in the basement of the Quiet Harbor Estates Club Room. Insurance restrictions limit the use of the storm shelter to only residents of Quiet Harbor Estates.

The Club Room can be used by any resident of Quiet Harbor Estates with the understanding that availability is on a first come, first served basis. In the interest of safety and liability concerns, the Club Room cannot be rented out to private parties and must be cleaned after each use.

There are a variety of activities at the Club Room on a routine basis. For example, we have a carry-in dinner tat 6:00 pm on he second Thursday of each month, we play cards on Monday afternoons, we gather for coffee on Wednesday mornings. As a resident, you are welcome to attend any or all of these activities, as you wish.

First and foremost, the residents of Quiet Harbor Estates care about each other, check on each other, and assist each other - we have a strong sense of community that we are proud of and invite you to join. Come live amongst friends and interact with your neighbors in a safe, controlled environment much like a gated community.

There are financial incentives to consider when living at Quiet Harbor Estates as well. For example, if you live on a private lot elsewhere in the community, you will have added expenses each month for water, sewer, trash removal, etc. You will also be responsible for providing your own lawn mowing in the summer and snow removal in the winter, not to mention the fact that the assessed tax rate outside of Quiet Harbor Estates in much, much higher. Let us show you the numbers!

As a resident of Quiet Harbor, you are certainly welcome to have guests or visitors in your home. In an effort to prevent unregistered tenants from living in our community, community rules state that your guests may stay with you no longer than two weeks in any given 30 day period.

You are welcome to plant flowers with the provision that you do not cut off access for the riding mowers. Additionally, the flower gardens must be kept neat, clean and free of debris or clutter.

Future value of your home will be determined in relationship to the value of similar homes that have been sold in Quiet Harbor Estates within the last two years. Your home, if properly maintained, will not lose value but instead will increase in value.

Creston is a smaller community conducive to easy travel and friendly faces. Creston is the “hub” of southwest Iowa and is large enough to offer a great selection of retail establishments that offer a wide variety of services. These include hardware and auto stores, salons and barbers, coffee shops, bakeries. There are plenty of dining options including family restaurants and fast food restaurants.

The city of Creston hosts many events throughout the year. These can range from 4th of July celebrations and lighted Christmas parades to tractor rides and the famous Hot Air Balloon Days. Many of these and other events are hosted at the beautiful McKinley Park. The surrounding areas of Creston can boast great camping and fishing spots for vacations or weekend getaways. Anything else you may need is a short trip to Des Moines.

Home Sales


813 Quietharbor
1,568 sq. ft. 
Attached 2 car garage
Private deck
All new whirlpool appliances

DSC02444  DSC02489 DSC02443


829 Quietharbor
1,088 sq ft 
Attached Garage
Handicapped Accessable
All Appliances Included

DSC02456     DSC02455    


833 Quietharbor
1,056 sq. ft. 
Attached Garage
Beautiful View from Master Bedroom
Large Deck
Appliances Included
Brand New Home

   DSC02467 DSC02469


839 Quietharbor
1,088 sq ft
Attached Garage
Luxurious Bathroom/Walk-in Shower
All Appliances Included

       DSC02476     DSC02479


Here at Quiet Harbor Estates we have regular monthly events that welcome everyone within our court.  These events are free to everyone who lives within our court as well as guests who are visiting family and or friends.  Residents are not required to attend these events, but it is a great way for residents to meet each other and grow as a community.  Our events include the following:

-Every Monday afternoon from 1pm to 3pm we gather to play cards.
-Every Wednesday morning we have a coffee hour from 8:30am-9:30am
-Annual Christmas Parties
-Monthly Potlucks

Residents are also encouraged to plan events and are open to use the court facilities for gatherings.

If you would like to dive deeper into the city of Creston or are looking for resource connections, here are some helpful links:
     Creston, IA Webpage
    Creston Chamber of Commerce
     Union County Development
     55+ Connections and Resources
     Southern Iowa Trolley


817 Quiet Harbor
Creston, IA 50801